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KID Talks: The Power of Trust
By Khun Somkid Jiranuntarat, Vice Chairman of KASIKORN Business-Technology (KBTG)

He has delivered his speech on KID Talks session (KBTG Innovation Direction) “by sharing MAYA Experience which K+Wallet Team have learned and overcome during market test. And also sharing how Core banking Team solved the system problem. He encourage KBTG Staff to dare to try, to learn, to analyse,  to solve and to fail to adopt new technology to apply to current work specifically Blockchain, Machine Learning.
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iVIA dédé Part 1: The Ambidextrous Organization: Thriving in Times of Disruption
Khun Sujitpan Lamsam, Vice Chairperson KBank

She has given an honor to be special guest speaker by sharing what she has learned from Stanford Executive Program: Be a Leader Who Matters. She gave a talk to made us aware that today organization could not survive unless they have capability to exploit what they currently doing while exploring new opportunities from future technologies.
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iVIA dédé Part 2: OriginCert: Trust Platform Towards Decentralized Future
Khun Chtaphan Siridanupath, Senior Visionary Architect

Easy understanding definition on  “BlockChain” to make Non - Technical Person understand what it is, how it works, and alos how KBank & KBTG make use of this technology for business as a thought leader VDO Link:

iVIA dédé Part 3: Digital Workplace for Digital Life 
Khun Walvipa Jullawong, Head-IT Relationship Management  and
Khun Tanyaporn Nontaphun, Project Manager
They demonstratd how MS Office 365 could take KBTG & KBANK to Digital Life.
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*Comnovation@K-Stadium  is  the KBTG internal prime event provided a forum for the management to convey their messages about KBTG innovation direction and be a forum for KBTG Staff and also special guest speakers to present their best practice, idea and inspiration, while also bringing staff together to various ice breaking activities.