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pruanfun: for Living the Sustainable Life


How good it is,

If you know someone who distribute you the fresh fruits & vegetables everyday

How good it is,

If the agriculturists who produce the farm product like the artists in creating masterpiece send consumers the pride directly.

What is Pruanfun project?

“pruanfun” is the KBank’s CSR project which is set up to sustainably intensify Thai agriculture. Sustainable agricultural practices involve in organizing and operating a farm for increasing productivity and maximizing profit. Focusing on Financial Technology - FinTech which is the Bank’s strength will contribute the competitive in markets includes prices, markets, transportation and agricultural economics. That makes the agriculturists to reach the target customers and also increase the distribution channel and their incomes. Only then can it be sustainable in the long term.

Abonzo Coffee

Brown Rice Cracker


Sweet and Green

The Future of Lifestyle Banking

To become a personal assistant, not just a facilitator of financial transactions to customers, KBank is embracing a Lifestyle Banking concept that is based on an individual customer’s lifestyle, preferences, desires and needs. The bank's customers will experience a wide range of mass personalized customized products and services offering, they can use at their discretion at any time especially on Mobile Phone & Smart Devices.