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Data is our Asset

KID Talks : Data is our Asset
By Khun Somkid Jiranuntarat, Vice Chairman of KASIKORN Business-Technology (KBTG)

Data is more valuable than ever before, more than we ever known. Many companies are now use technology or in the process of exploring big data due to these data will enable companies to collect better market and customer intelligence. i.e. Facebook Inc. draw meaningful insights from big data and convert knowledge into action— Ads revenue. Google CEO said that the new era is era of “Artificial Intelligence”. The companies will get much better insights what customers want to increase business productivity. Moreover, the customers reap the benefits easier. 

Which level of data we will utilize for business? - Information, Intelligence, Intimacy or big data and implications that change every business. Data is power!

“AlphaGo’s play makes us feel free, that no move is impossible.” – Zhou Ruiyang, professional Go player 
Let’s imagine that we are in the digital world, and figuring out how to enable Lifestyle Banking to create the value for our customers. Anything Is Possible. Simple as that.

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iVIA dédé: Dream, Do, Defend
By Khun Tul Roteseree, Senior Enterprise Architect-KSoft

Data is equal to asset, wealth of organization, which could grow and benefit to both corporate and customer. Nevertheless, we have to have dream and commit to do it make it happen accordingly while protect our wealth from devaluation and leakage.

To make Dream, ones don’t limit yourself and have to keep improving from time to time. Then ones have to commit to Do and get your hands dirty by invest your time, your effort, your knowledge working with those new technologies available yet with visionary. But more importantly, grow your asset wisely and defend it securely.

Modern approach to work with data need paradigms shift from “Data to Compute” in the old way to “Compute to Data”. With the help of technologies, tools, and architecture, the modern way is faster and more secure whereas less cost and allow users to analyze data at any level yet desensitized those sensitive data in confine usage compare to the traditional old way.

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*Comnovation@K-Stadiumis  the KBTG internal prime event provided a forum for the management to convey their messages about KBTG innovation direction and be a forum for KBTG Staff and also special guest speakers to present their best practice, idea and inspiration, while also bringing staff together to various ice breaking activities.